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2014 Law Day


Walton County Bar Held a Community Forum

Serving on a Jury:  The Right and Duty of a Citizen


Pictures of the event are posted below.  For details of the event, please see the article from The Walton Tribune posted under the NEWS tab. 








2013 Law Day

Realizing the Dream:  Equality for All


Walton County Bar Organizes Student Tours of the Courts for Law Day 2013


During April, at the invitation of the Walton County Bar Association, Inc., more than 120 Walton County high school and middle school students took guided tours of the courts and other governmental offices in the Walton County Government Building.  The Walton County Bar organized the tours, with the help and cooperation of Government Building personnel, in order to observe Law Day 2013, “Realizing the Dream:  Equality for All.”


Walton County Bar attorneys lead the tours of students, which featured stops at the courts (superior, magistrate, juvenile and probate), the prisoner holding cells, the clerk of court’s office, and the county commissioners’ and tax commissioner’s offices.  At the stops, judges and other court and governmental officials explained the relevant functions and answered questions from the students.  Following the tours, the students assembled for a short Law Day presentation and question-and-answer session led by Judge Samuel Ozburn.

The schools that accepted the Bar’s invitation to participate in Law Day were George Walton Academy, Loganville High School, Monroe Area High School, Loganville Middle School, Social Circle Middle School and Youth Middle School.  The high schools sent Advanced Placement Government students, and the middle schools sent eighth graders who were variously selected.  Loganville Middle School, for example, developed an essay contest upon which to base its selection.


To provide background for the tours, Walton County Bar attorneys visited the schools to meet with the participating students before their tour days.  The visiting attorneys used their experience and ingenuity to educate and to engage the students on the fundamentals of the judicial system, aided by a comprehensive outline prepared by Amanda Lewis, Law Clerk to Judge Ozburn.  A case in point is the visit of Brandon Honsalek, a Social Circle attorney and former Walton County Assistant District Attorney, to the students at Social Circle Middle School.  Brandon reported, “I had them help me act out a criminal case going through the court system.  It was fun.”


Law Day is an annual, nationwide celebration of America’s commitment to the rule of law.  Law Day 2013, “Realizing the Dream:  Equality for All,” recognizes the progress that has been made over the years toward the American ideal of equality under the law and commemorates two anniversaries -- the 150th anniversary of President Abraham Lincoln’s issuance of the Emancipation Proclamation and the 50th anniversary of the “I Have a Dream” speech by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.


Walton County’s Law Day 2013 observance proved to be a great opportunity for the participating students.  They become familiar with the Walton County Government Building and learned first-hand about the local court system and other governmental functions.  They also were able to gain insight into the role and importance of the county government and, particularly, the courts in ensuring and promoting equality under the law.  Finally, the students were able to interact with members of the Walton County Bar and Walton County judges and other representatives in a meaningful and positive way.

Below:  Judge Samuel Ozburn (far right) gives tour instructions to tour guides (from left to right) Adrianne Freeman, Vanessa Webber, Eric Crawford, and Charlie Barrow.


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